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We’ve partner with Caribou Creek Log & Homes in Idaho due to their quality craftmanship and variety of design options to meet most client needs. With a full service in-house drafting team, your home plans can start with one of their stock plans or a concept sketch this design- build team.

"Old fashioned values – honesty, integrity, and treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves – are core beliefs at Caribou Creek Log and Timber."


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Non- settling

Non Settling

One of the most iconic styles of log home construction, our handcrafted non-settling chink style log homes are crafted with saddle notches at the corners and the spaces between the logs are filled with chinking. Our optional engineered non-settling system uses a series of lag bolts to secure, or “freeze”, the position of each log. This style requires full chinking, available in a variety of colors.

Full Scribe Style

Full Scribe style

Also known as Swedish Cope and Scandinavian Full Scribe, in this construction method our craftsman use a scribing tool to painstakingly transfer the contours of the lower log onto the upper log, and then cut the upper log to fit snugly on top.

When the logs are assembled on your building site, a layer of gasket material is hidden within the lateral joints to prevent any bugs intruding into your home. This style fits together very tightly, and does not require chinking.

Dovetail Homes

Dovetail Homes

Dovetail homes are built out of squared timbers with handcrafted dovetail joinery at the corners of the home. The gaps between the timbers are filled with chinking material. The aesthetic of dovetail because it brings the warmth and beauty of a wood home with flat log walls instead of round. The timbers used for wall logs can be planed smooth, or they can have a hand hewn finish for a rustic, elegant surface.

Dovetail log homes often incorporate timber frame components, such as trusses, posts or knee braces. These elements complement the square timbers used in the wall logs and showcase the beauty integrated in the structural


Timber Frame

What is a timber frame home? It’s just what it sounds like: a large timber frame structure crafted from heavy timbers that form the support of the home. Since the roof and walls are self- supporting, this allows for high, open ceilings and large great room spaces. But the beautiful joinery is just as stunning in a cozy, smaller space.

Traditionally, the timber frame is finished by “infill”, or framed walls on the exterior of the frame. Prefabricated structural insulated panels (SIPs) are also an excellent option as infill for superior energy efficiency because they create a very tight building envelope.

Full Mortise & Tennon

Full Mortise

Traditionally timber frames are assembled in sections called bents. With many modern designs, however, bents are not always feasible. At Caribou Creek we give you the flexibility to “bend the rules” to customize your project as needed. No matter how it gets assembled, our traditional timber frames are handcrafted using full mortise and tenon construction with pegged connections, just like the buildings of yore.

Post & Beam

Timber post and beam construction is aesthetically similar to that of a traditional timber frame, but with less complexity. This makes complicated designs more feasible and cost effective than traditional timber framing. Typically combined with conventional framing, this style is quite popular in modern mountain architecture. Caribou Creek’s timber post and beam structures use shallow tenons and simplified joinery, often utilizing steel hardware to meet engineering or design requirements. Depending upon the design we can use either hidden or exposed steel hardware to achieve the perfect blend of style and structure.

A full log home may cost more to build vs.a similar floor plan in  convensional stick framing  due the specialized Carpentry needs, roof system and other factors related to the fine unique craftsmanship vs. standard construction methods. The most practical Log Home Floor plans have limited corners which can help simplify the foundation and roof plans. Some juristrictions may have additional requirements to meet local Building and Energy Codes to account for both Thermal Mass and R-Values.  In the Colorado Resort Communites near Summit & Routt Counties, expect turn-key construction cost in 2022-2023 buliding seasons to start at $500-$600/sq. foot for all conditioned space, and depending on your unique site development needs, finish selections and complexity of home design. 

Typically you will need t allow 12months for site plan, soils engineering, home design and structural engineering, and log package production before you can schedule delivery to your home site.  Typical  lead time for a Caribou Creek Log Homes is 2 years from initial planning to your move in ready home.

Call or email Karen at, 970-468-8683 Ext. 2 to determine which style meets your design needs and budget desires.

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