Step 1

a. Call us for a Complimentary preliminary Consult to determine the  right Log, SIPS, Timber or Panel Supplier to meet your Design and Budget needs. 

b. Schedule a site visit if you own a lot, or a complimentary evaluation of up to 3 lots if you are working with a Realtor

c. All homes are designed for the building site access, views, sun and topography

Step 2- Determine Budget, pre-qualify financing, finalize lot search and  purchase if you don't already own a building site.

a. Site survey, topo and excavatoin plan

b. Home Design & Structural Engineering-Allow 6 months (stock plan) to 12 month (custom plan) 

c. Financing - Get approved for construction loan

d. Contracting with a local builder & Permitting

e. Production slot reservation with Timber Supplier (Typical window lead time 16-20 weeks, but some suppliers booked a year in advance) 

Step 3

a. Sign a Consulting Agreement with Mountain Life & Home to authorize us to  represent you with site and soils engineers, architects, engineers, and log and timber suppliers to get your concept to completed structurally engineered plans. 

b. Trust deposit of $5 per square foot for the proposed home size will be  secured by ML&H for this consultation and design work. 

*You may qualify for a partial refund of the Trust Deposit if you  purchase a Log or Timber package through one of our Manufacturer Partners. Our income is based on a "Confidential Sales Commission" paid by the Log or Timber Provider, and varies based on the scope of work and manufacturer. Our goal is to match you with the best manufacturer partner to meet your project goals. You do NOT pay more to work with us as a local Distributor/Selling Partner for our Timber Suppliers. We are the local Colorado experts, chosen by our out of state Timber Companies, to assure your home design fits the lot, meets all local HOA and Building Code  requirements and other critical design needs which vary greatly by area. We are the liaison between the homeowner and drafting team with over 40 years experience and over 50 homes designed and built. We are independent construction consultants, and do not work directly for any manufacturer. Our earned commissions replace the Timber Supplier's in-house commission sales person. 

c. Our Timber Supplier have in-house Drafting and Architectural Design Teams. Design  deposits vary by project and will be contracted directly with the Timber Supplier*. These design fees are typically non-refundable if you do not move forward to production, however, these design fees will typically get credited to your Log or Timber Package as time of purchase and production. You are free to bring your own Architects plans for package bids in lieu of using the in-house drafting team. 

*These fees will range from $3-$6/ sq. foot depending on how much customization is required from an exisitng "stock plan" and some supplier will deduct this fee from the final package cost. Compare this to a local architect and structural engineer which can run from $10-$25/sq. foot in Colorado. Savings on a typical 3000 sq. ft. project can be $25-$50,000.

Step 4- Interview & Hire a General Contractor for your build.  ML&H will  assist you with the interview process to find the best qualified contractor in your area. Our Construction Consultant will be a liaison for the homeowner, local Builder, and the Timber Supplier. Have your contractor get preliminary local Building Department approval for home design and site plan for permitting. Finalize budget and any construction financing with your lender.

Step 5- Pay Log or Timber Company production deposit. Varies with suppliers  from 30-50% with a payment schedule determined by your production and delivery schedule.

Step 6- Your Builder/General Contractor permits the home with the local Building Department, and sets a  construction schedule to be communicated to the Timber Supplier to assure a seamless process. Begins excavation and foundation and subfloor once weather and groundwater on your site allow. Your Builder works closely with ML&H to coordinate delivery and erection of the package at your site and completes the turn-key construction. 

Final payment typically due to Timber Supplier 60-90 days after excavation begins, and before it ships to the site. 

Typical construction schedule in the Mountain Resort Communities is 10-18 months depending on site complexity and needs and size of home from start of excavation. Winter builds or remote building sites may extend the timeline.

Step 7- Begin your selections process for interior finishes like flooring, cabinets, lighting, appliances. ML&H can contract under seperate design agreement to coordinate these finish selections for a $5-$10/sf agreement depending on complexity of design and level of assistance needed to finish your interiors.

Step 8- Get ready to move in and enjoy your unique Mountain Retreat by furnishing and accessorizing your home. Karen Wray is available for  Interior Decorating and Furnishing agreement to assist with her wholesale purchasing contacts under seperate agreement.

Step 9- Move in and enjoy your Mountain Resort Home with friends and family for generations!