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We are proud to be the local Colorado and Northern New Mexico Distributor Reps for Woodhouse The Timber Frame Company who offer a combination of Timber and SIPs components.  These homes can typically cost $450-$700/sq. ft. of conditioned space for turn-key construciton in the Ski Resort Communities in Summit and Routt Counties depending on your unque site development needs.  

Woodhouse has an advantage in today's "supply chain disruptions" and "flucuating" lumber prices.  Your package price is locked in with a 40% packag deposit, and includes their volume discount pricing on Anderson E-series windows,  and their SIPs panel wall construction quote eliminates some of the guess work on exterior wall framing lumber and labor fluctuations.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

A high performance building system made from an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings. Two common types of SIPs are EPS and Polyurethane. Engineering and local codes will dictate both type and wall thickness.

Benefits of SIPs:

Reduces on-site labor cost- The Colorado Resort communities have a scarcity of skilled tradesmen and framers. Colorado construction labor rates can run $60-$100/hour. Winter weather conditions can slow production on-site framing. SIPs Timber combination gives you the beauty of exposed beams, with a faster build, saving as much as 6-8 weeks of on-site labor vs. a typical on-site stick frame project. Your SIPs walls are both the structural component AND the insulation for your EXTERIOR walls and ROOF system, eliminating steps. Each SIPS panel is cut precisely OFF-SITE with windows and doors already precision cut.

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Energy Efficient Structures: Tight connections and no thermal bridging mean less air filtration in high-alpine climate and keeps the home comfortably warm in winter and cool in summer with minimal energy and heating use.

Lightweight panels REPLACE traditional "wall stud" framing, reduce labor and lumber, and include insulation and exterior OSB (Oriented Strand Board) sheeting in on-step providing superior strength and point loads. They arrive on-site as ready to be assembled numbered panels like a puzzle. Building with SIPS can streamline the process vs. traditional on-site framing and insulating by up to 75%. Insulation with Expanded Polystyrene EPS) closed cell foam insulation with an average 3.6 R-Value per inch OR Graphite Polystyrene (GPS) closed cell insulation 20% great R-Value per inch to allow for thinner walls in extreme climates. Your local engineering will determine which SIPs panel is right for your home.

Reduce On-Site Waste- With most components pre-cut in a controlled environment, less on-site waste for your local the land fill. No insulation waste generated on-site. Typically reduces 4-5 dumpster pulls per jobsite which saves thousands in fees but also better for our high country environment. 

Timber Frame, Post & Beam, Mortise and Tenon 

A Construction technique that uses heavy wooden timbers and square beams with interlocking joinery, often with wooden pegs instead of metal fasteners. Many Timber styles are available from with Woodhouse The Timber Frame Company from minimal Contemporary designs,  to Ornate traditional trusses, braces and beams to meet the client aesthetic and budget needs. Woodhouse offers standard exposed and structural Timbers in with Yellow Pine, but Spruce, Oak and more options are available.

Design Team 

Woodhouse employs a full team of talented architects or designers. Their stock plans and can be built as shown, or just act as inspiration for your own customized project. With a series of Google Meets meetings, email, and website photos, the process is seamless. For owners who have trouble visualizing a finished home from a typical black and white 2-D line drawing rendering, Woodhouse The Timber Frame Company offers full color "fly-through" 3-D videos standard with their design, enhancing the homeowner experience and understanding of room volume, window placement, natural light, exposed timber appearance and more.   You may also arrange a complimentary meeting to the production facility in Mansfield, PA to finalize the final touches face to face and stay on-site in their campus and meet the design and production team that will be crafting your one of a kind home.

Floor Plans

From Mountain Contemporary, Farmhouse and Craftsman styles, Timber Frame homes can meet most client design needs. All our homes are custom designed with 3-D modeling to fit the building site, views, and lifestyle of our clients.

See examples of how the 3-D modeling help you visualize your home before it is built here.


Production & Craftsmanship

Woodhouse Timber Frame uses a combination of high-tech machinery and Old World hand scribing by a Team of skilled craftsman in their Joinery shop to ensure a perfect fit on every joint. With the use of a state-of-the-art CNC machine (CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control), their Hundegger K1 Machinery is programmed to precisely to your unique Blue Prints. It incorporates a five axis saw, slot cutter, horizontal and vertical drill bits, and a universal mill, to produce some of the finest joinery possible. When the timbers are finished being milled through the CNC machine, our joinery experts hand-finish them and pre-fit the timbers to ensure proper installation. This attention to detail is unmatched in the timber frame industry. A Hundegger machine is also used to pre-cut the SIPs (structural insulated panels) used for walls or roofs on our timber frame homes.

We invite all clients to schedule a visit to see this fine workmanship in person in Mansfield, PA.

See some inspiration plans here or send us your own design:


Each home package includes:

• Southern Yellow Pine Timber Frame structure* delivered to your Building Site

• Polyurethane Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs): Walls and roof (replaces conventional framing and insulation)

• Andersen 400 series Wood Clad windows

• Therma-Tru entry doors, and

• Five full sets of construction drawings including 3-D modeling and Structural Engineering

*Alternative wood species are available.


*Site plan & topo survey, soils tests, septic design, building & well permits and other site developement  

*General Contracting Fees, Site Prep and Excavation 

*Heavy Equipment- Crane, Forklift, Scaffolding, Temp Heat etc. 

*Foundation, Flatwork, and other Concrete work

*Sub-floor and interior wall labor and insulation

*Interior Finish Components and Labor including but not limited to: cabinets, flooring, tile, interior doors, drywall, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, lighting, paint & stain.

Timber house
Timber house

See some finished homes here: