Timber Frame/SIPs

Personalized design

TRINITY BUILDING SYSTEMS offers a custom timber home solution with a practical, efficient, eco-friendly approach to the System Built Custom Home Package Process. With greatly fluctuating lumber and other construction materials costs, Trinity offers a one-stop shop for the structural components needed to complete your home project.

REDUCES ON-SITE LABOR COST- The Colorado Resort communities have a scarcity of skilled tradesmen and framers. Colorado construction labor rates can run $40-$55/hour. Winter weather conditions can slow production on-site framing. SIPs Timber combination gives you the beauty of exposed beams, with a faster build, saving as much as 6-8 weeks of on-site labor vs. a typical on-site stick frame project. Your SIPs walls are both the structural component AND the insulation for your EXTERIOR walls and ROOF system, eliminating steps. Each SIPS panel is cut precisely OFF-SITE with windows and doors already

REDUCES UNCERTAINTY OF MATERIALS COST- Since all structural components may be included in your Trinity Building Systems Home Package, it takes the uncertainty out of budgeting your home build. You reduce the risk of seasonal and demand materials pricing fluctuations. Trinity Building Systems helps control the cost of your project.

REDUCEDS ON SITE WASTE- With most components pre-cut in a controlled environment, less on-site waste created to fill the land fill locally. No insulation waste generated on-site. Typically reduces 4-5 dumpster pulls per jobsite. 

SUPERIOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY- Tight connections and no thermal bridging mean less air filtration in high-alpine climate and keeps the home comfortably warm in winter and cool in summer with minimal energy and heating use.


HOUSE PLANS- In-house design team work directly with the homeowner and Mountain Life & Home Team to design a Full Custom or Variations on our Stock-Plans include Floorplans, Elevations, 3D Views, Color Renderings, Window & Door schedules. We will provide the Structurally Engineer Stamped Plans specified to your Building Jurisdiction codes, snow-loads and other requirements including Foundation and Roof. 

Building system


*Timber or Log Components Cut to length with Connection Details pre-cut, slotted, or mortise and tenon joinery per plan *Structurally Insulated Wall and Roof Panels (SIPs) pre-cut with all window and door openings 

*All Floor and Roof framing fabricated to plan specifications Interior Wall Framing cut to length 

*Exterior Trim, Fascia, Soffit & Siding (optional- half log, cedar lap, board & batten TBD by design) 

*Exterior Doors from Pella Windows and Doors (Garage Door Excluded) 

*Exterior Pella Windows- 2500 vinyl standard. Upgrades to lavia Fiberglass, Lifestyle Aluminum Clad available upon request with Low-E and High Altitude package 

Deck components- Framing Lumber, Joist Hangers, and Railing optional cut to length 

*Stair Components 


*Site plan & topo survey, soils tests, septic design, Building & well permits and other site related needs 

*General Contracting Fees), Site Prep and Excavation 

*Heavy Equipment- Crane, Forklift, Scaffolding, Temp Heat etc. 

*Foundation, Flatwork, and other Concrete work (NuDura ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms optional) 

*Interior Finish Components and Labor including but not limited to: cabinets, flooring, tile, interior doors, drywall, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, lighting, paint & stain.



Why Sips

STRUCTURALLY INSULATED PANELS (SIPS) provide high performance, lightweight panels that REPLACE traditional "wall stud" framing, reduce labor and lumber, and include insulation and exterior OSB (Oriented Strand Board) sheeting in on-step providing superior strength and point loads. They arrive on-site as ready to be assembled numbered panels like a puzzle. Building with SIPS can streamline the process vs. traditional on-site framing and insulating by up to 75%.

Based on a 2.500 sf single story California home (using average prevailing wage) 

prevailing wage

Insulation with Expanded Polystyrene EPS) closed cell foam insulation with an average 3.6 R-Value per inch OR Graphite Polystyrene (GPS) closed cell insulation 20% great R-Value per inch to allow for thinner walls in extreme climates. Your local engineering will determine which SIPs panel is right for your home.

Hot air escapes
Hot air escape
Hot air escape

Call Karen at Mountain Life & Home of Colorado today at 970-468-8683 Ext 2 to see if the Trinity Building System Home Package is right for you. 

We offer Log & Timer Package Sales and Support in the Ski Resort Communities of Colorado

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