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Panel Homes

Whisper Creek Homes, Hamilton, MT offer a more cost-effective alternative to Full Log or Timber Frame Homes. These homes come in sections of completed exterior wall panels up to 40 feet long and 10 ft. tall. This home package is comprised of traditional 2x6 wall framing and best suited for homeowner builds, areas where labor costs are higher, remote locations, short building seasons, and areas where local construction resources are limited. They may be purchased with as much or as little log or timber accenting as desired but will have interior dry wall.

This system-built method allows us to meet the needs of floorplans not perfectly suited for a full log home. In most cases it can lower cost compared to log and timber frame as more components are included with the packages, reduces local on-site labor needs (which can exceed $50-75/hour for skilled carpentry in the ski resort communities of Colorado).

These homes also require less expertise than a full log or Timber Homes as all the walls are traditional 2x6 framing. If the homeowner wishes to be their own contractor, this panel wall system that comes with siding, windows, and exterior stain as well as pre-cut roof framing, lends itself better for homeowner permitting and supervision.

All components are built in a controlled environment in Montana with systemic precision. For the fastest build and lowest cost, we recommend you choose from one of their versatile stock floor plans which have pre-engineered for our 100 lb. high country snow loads. They will also do full custom design at a slight premium. You can expect approx. 6 months for design and engineering on a custom vs. approx. 8 weeks on a stock plan to fit your lot. 

Due to supply chain disruptions for windows, pre-engineered trusses and other components in the 2023-2024 building season, expect approx. 5 months from 50% package deposit to delivery to your home site. So, for a summer build you must start your home design by January for a June delivery.

The local General Contractor builds your foundation and sub-floor, then a crew of 3 carpenters and a crane and operator can erect the exterior walls and roof system in a matter of days, not months, on your building site. You then partner with reliable, qualified sub-contractors and suppliers in the area to complete your home in less time than it takes to build a traditional log home.

We will help secure a qualified General Contractor for your turnkey needs and act as consultants during the dry-in stages. We will be there for design and support of the project for both you and your Contractor.

Whisper Creek's "home packages" are available in many models and sizes to fit your needs. Most of their stock plans come with pre-engineered design options for lofts and basements. Mountain Life & Home will ensure each home meets local Residential building Codes in your area prior to production.

Average cost 3,000 sf home can range from $375-450/sf in the Ski Resort Communities in Colorado depending on site development needs,  floor plan and finish selections*.

 Please note: Smaller homes (under 2000 sq. ft)  will cost more per square foot due to site development costs divided over a smaller square footage.   

See examples of stock floor plans here: https://www.whispercreekloghomes.com/floor-plans

Please contact Karen Wray 970-4688683 Ext. 2, karen@mlhoc.com for more details on stock plans or to begin a custom plan for your building site.


Are Whisper Creek Log Homes Modular?

No, Panel homes offer the controlled environment construction of the exterior walls, windows and siding as well as accent components like log joists, trusses and railings. But these homes are still custom homes site finished with electrical, plumbing, insulation, drywall and all interior finishes and flooring to your specifications on your building site. These are superior custom homes with a twist.

Is a Whisper Creek Log Home more affordable?

We find that there is a cost and time savings over a full traditional log home. Since we can get the home dried in in 2-3 weeks depending on size and floor plan, you have less labor at resort rates. A typical log home takes 6-8 weeks AFTER sub-floor to get dried in with exterior walls, roof, and windows. We also save on exterior stain as each Whisper Creek Home comes from a Montana with a factory stain by PermaChink Ultra 7 as part of the package, an average savings of $15,000 on a 2500 sf cabin.

There is  less construction material waste, so fewer dumpster pulls and landfill waste, making them more environmentally friendly than site built homes.
You can pick and choose the amount of log components to fit both you design desires and budget which affect cost.
You are also protected in fluctuation of volatile lumber prices. Once you pay your deposit, your home price is guaranteed for 6 months.

What's the difference between a Whisper Creek Floor plan and pure Country Floor plan?

The Whisper Creek plans are the premium plans already designed with log or timber floor joists, log trusses staircases and railings.the plans typically have more components, bells and whistles included in the base plan. The Whisper Creek plans have 10 foot walks, most pure country have lower ceilings at 8ft.

You may start with a Pure Country and add Whisper Creek features to arrive at a hy-brid version to meet your needs.

What is my interior wall finish on a Whisper Creek Log Home?

This depends on what you want. We can drywall the entire interior like ANY Conventionally built stick frame home. Or we can order extra Whisper Creek Log Homes half log or Appalachian siding for as few or as many interior walls you like to give the illusion of full log exterior walls. We can put locally beetle pine tongue and groove on your ceilings. We can also use a variety of stone masonry or weathered barn wood as an interior wall covering. The beauty of these homes is each room can have its own character.

How much does a Whisper Creek Log Home package cost?

This all depends on size, design, components. There are Whisper Creek Log Home packages starting as low as $100,00 up to over $300,000. The package is only the start. This package includes the exterior walls, windows and roof framing and sheeting material with siding stained and chinked.  The typical Whisper Creek Package makes up approx. $75-$125/sq. foot of your total construction budget.  In this market, the Whisper Creek Package is typically around 25% of the total building cost on a standard  building site.

Keep in mind you still need all the turn key elements of any custom home including but not limited to excavation, power, sewer or septic, city water or well, building permits, insulation, drywall, plumbing and electric, cabinets and flooring. We are finding in Summit County there is approx. savings over a full log home of about $40-$50/sf. The actual cost varies greatly from building site to building site and we can't give you an exact cost until you have a lot and a floor plan.

Each plan is cusomized to meet your needs and will be bid per plan once your prelim or final design is selected.

How does my Whisper Creek Log Homes get to my Colorado homesite from Montana?

A typical Whisper Creek Log Hone is shipped on two 53' step trucks, loaded in the order the walls come off the truck. This can be more on larger floor plans. A typical Pure Country will fit on one truck as it has shorter wall panels and fewer components.  Trucking to our region has been running around $5000/truck. Our experience is even with these freight costs, a Whisper Creek Log Home can be built at a lower cost than a full log home that also has freight fees from Montana or Canada.

Some building sites are not accessible by the long trucks. We will help you evaluate if a Whisper Creek Log Home can get to your site with proper staging and turn around for the large trucks and cranes. In some cases the panels can be customized to fit on 30ft. trucks. We can help evaluate your access on the first site visit.

How do I get started with Whisper Creek Log Homes?

1. Like any custom home in the mountains, it is best if you find a lot that you wish to build on the your Whisper Creek Log Home can be designed for your access, views, sun, slope and other considerations specific to your building site.

2. Once you have a building site the Design Team at Mountain Life &  Home of CO, Inc. & Whisper Creek Log Homes will customize a plan for you with a $6000-$8000 design deposit. This prelim process can take approx. 8 weeks. You are allowed 2 revisions at no charge. Additional changes are billed hourly. If you purchase a package from WCLH they deduct this deposit to your final payment.

3. Once your design is complete, a 50% production deposit will hold your price for 6 months, allowing you priority in the production schedule and time to get your appraisals and permits locally. This deposit allows WCLH to ordered components like trusses and windows for your project. Lead times vary seasonally.

4. Once a production date is assigned, things move quickly. Your local contractor will simultaneously excavate and prepare a foundation and sub-floor to be ready for your Custom Home delivery.

5. Final full payment is due upon production completion at Whisper Creek Log Homes factory in Montana. Truckes to be released once your contractor varifies he is ready with excavation, foundation and subfloor.

6. The day the trucks arrive at your site we will have a crane staged and ready to set the exterior walls immediately. Depending on floor plan and cabin size, this can take 2-3 days. Week 2 -5 the crew will frame and sheet the roof giving you a home dried in from the elements in less than 30 days.

7. All the finish work will begin. Including but not limited to rough electrical and plumbing, insulation, drywall and all your interior finishes.

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